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Athletic Director: Al Carpenter (
Assistant Athletic Director: Melinda Coglas (

A wide variety of athletic programs are offered at Cedar Park Christian Schools (MLT). We desire to field teams that compete well in our respective leagues and serve as examples of Christian character to our community.

Athletic Opportunities

At the Middle School level (grades 5-8) students may participate in:

  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Boys and Girls Track

At the High School level (grades 9-12) students may participate in:

  • Boys soccer
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Boys and Girls Track
  • Cheer (Girls)

Students desiring to play Football, Baseball, Girls Soccer, Golf or Girls Softball may participate in these sports at the Bothell Campus.

Athletic Philosophy

All extracurricular activities sponsored by CPCS are offered as opportunities for young people to enrich their lives. All we do should be a testimony to the love of Jesus Christ, and our actions as coaches and student-athletes should reflect a strong Christian commitment. We want to provide a quality program that encourages participation for a large percentage of our student body, at the same time emphasizing the importance of self-discipline, commitment, and competing. Participating in athletics at Cedar Park Christian School is a privilege and not a right. Remember that athletes and coaches represent Christ, our school, and each other to the school that we participate against. It is our desire to present CPCS coaches that have excellent Christian character, abundant sport specific knowledge, and a desire to serve the Lord by teaching young people.


Role of the Coach at Cedar Park Christian

  • Serve as a role model, ambassador for Christ
  • Coach for the love of the game and the love of the athlete
  • Place athletes above winning
  • Accept and abide by the judgment of the officials. Consider the rules of the game as “mutual agreements” required to play within the spirit of the game.
  • Reward effort and behavior, not outcome
  • Give dignity to mistakes made when the athlete is playing with full speed and attention
  • Lead with character and by example
  • Put the needs of the team ahead of any individual athlete
  • Constantly work to improve your knowledge and ability to teach the game and the athletes
  • Encourage multiple sport participation
  • Keep the game simple and fun

Role of the Student-Athlete at Cedar Park Christian

  • Focus on relationship building with the Lord, your family, your teammates, and your coach
  • Commit to never let your team down on the field, at practice, in the classroom, or in public
  • Perform for an audience of one –  the Lord
  • Play the game for fun
  • Be humble when you win and gracious when you lose
  • Respect and abide by the rules of the game
  • Put the team ahead of yourself in every situation
  • Accept decisions made by those in authority and communicate directly with your coach
  • Demonstrate respect to your opponents, coaches, and teammates
  • Be accountable for your own actions
  • Develop a teachable spirit that allows you to take correction as a compliment
  • Accept and embrace the discipline involved in athletics because it benefits the team
  • Be an athlete that pleases God, family, and friends.

Role of the Family at Cedar Park Christian

  • Attend pre-season meetings  and as many games as possible
  • Be a model not a critic;  model appropriate behavior, poise and confidence
  • Unless it is a medical emergency, please wait 24 hours before communicating a concern to a coach.  Always be respectful when communicating with coaches, addressing appropriate topics such as the mental and physical treatment of a child, ways to help an athlete improve, concerns about behavior, etc.  Inappropriate subjects are playing time, strategy, and other team members.
  • Do everything possible to make the athletic experience positive for your child and others
  • Remember, it is not about “You” as you view the game with team goals in mind
  • Attempt to relieve competitive pressure, not increase it
  • Encourage multiple sport participation for your child
  • Release the control of your child to the coach and team
  • Please direct your child to voice their concerns / thoughts directly with the coach
  • Accept the judgment of the officials and coaches-remain in control
  • Respect mistakes made by the athletes who are giving their best effort and concentration
  • Be an encourager for athletes to keep perspective in both victory and defeat
  • Accept the goals, roles and achievements of your child
  • Be a good listener and avoid making derogatory comments about coaches or players

High School and Middle School Leagues

High School

Our high school sports teams compete in the Northwest 1B League. We are members of the WIAA and participate in District 1.  Please see for updated schedules and standings.

NW 1B League:

  • Cedar Park Christian (MLT)
  • Grace Academy
  • Lopez
  • Lummi
  • Orcas Christian
  • Providence Classical Christian
  • Shoreline Christian
  • Tulalip Heritage

Middle School

Our middle school sports compete in the Cascade Middle School League in all sports.

Cascade Middle School League

  • Billings Middle School
  • Brighton School
  • Cedar Park Christian (MLT)
  • Eastside Preparatory
  • Eastside Christian School
  • Evergreen School
  • Explorer West
  • Heritage Christian Academy
  • Jewish Day School
  • Kirkland Seventh Day Adventist
  • Lake Washington Girls School
  • Providence Classical Christian School
  • Renton Christian School
  • Seattle Country Day School
  • Seattle Girls School
  • Seattle Hebrew Academy
  • Open Window 

Our Lynnwood and Mill Creek Elementary students are able to participate as well.

  • Soccer (5th-8th grade)
  • Volleyball (5th-8th grade)
  • Boys Basketball (5th-8th grade)
  • Girls Basketball (5th-8th grade)
  • Track (5th-8th grade)